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About Surajbhan Commodities Private Limited

Quality packaging is omnipresent; from retailers to end users, everyone is using such packaging. As packaging is something that is all-pervading in nature and thus showing presence in almost every sector possible, making use of the environmentally one, is nothing but an earth-friendly option. Before being end users or producers of products, we are humans first. Hence, our responsibility towards our mother earth is bigger than our own satisfaction or desire of making money. Biding adieu to the guilt that comes with serving plastic or metal packaging items, we have embraced trading of earth-conscious packaging.

For comfort of businesses and shoppers both, our trader based company has come up with a green collection of items that is high on radiating nothing short of earth-friendly consciousness among users. Our products are free from harmful effects and assists in reducing carbon footprint. By combining intelligence with creativity, our vendors are providing us with packaging for carrying products in a plethora of sizes, looks and designs. This is assisting us to present before our customers environmentally-friendly and captivating products, that gives the feeling similar to the best of both the worlds. Our range of Brown Paper Bags, Pure Cotton Bags, Plain Jute Drawstring Bags, Jute Hessian Cloth Bags and many others are easy on the pocket of customers. These are devoid from allergens and toxins. These products are highly versatile in terms of application areas as from agro products to apparels, our packaging solutions can find usage in almost every major sector.

Ditch Normal Packaging For Earth-friendly Solutions

Is not normal packaging too boring to use? Obviously it is and no one can deny this no matter how cheap in terms of price such packaging may be. Today more than prices, customers are caring for the contribution they make in supporting the green world. Hence, such a change, has brought a fresh air in the packaging business. Switching from plastic and more toxic packaging has become easy for consumers and businesses because eco-friendly products are now not expensive as once they used to be. More companies are making them affordable for societal responsibility and we are one of them. Our company is making simpler for clients to ditch normal packaging by bringing ahead earth-friendly solutions such as cotton, jute, paper and more materials based products for customers to use.

Go Green Is The New Packaging Fever

The current craze in packaging is no other but green packaging. This craze has hit almost every sector just like a fever does, for which no medicine is willingly needed by anyone because it reaps benefits. Following are some advantages of turning green by adopting environmentally conscious packaging:

  • Environmental friendly products be it our Pure Cotton Bags or Brown Paper Bags are simple to dispose off.
  • Earth-conscious packaging reduces carbon footprint to a great extent.
  • Social awareness for protecting environment can be made with eco-friendly packaging usage.
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